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MPPT Solar Charge Controllers from 12V to 360V & 5A to 200A

MPPT Solar Charge Controllers from 12V to 360V & 5A to 200A

Our MPPT Solar Charge Controllers stands from the rest because of all the features we packed in it.

Our enhanced MPPT Solar Charge Controller are ideal for most solar systems, utilizes MPPT Control for maximum efficiency combined with temperature compensation for a wide range of operating temperatures. Suitable for standard Lead-Acid Batteries, as well as Gel, Sealed and Flooded type. In-built protection for short-circuit, overload and over-charging.

What is MPPT?

MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracking is algorithm that included in charge controllers used for extracting maximum available power from PV module under certain conditions. The voltage at which PV module can produce maximum power is called ‘maximum power point’ (or peak power voltage). Maximum power varies with solar radiation, ambient temperature and solar cell temperature.

Typical PV module produces power with maximum power voltage of around 17 V when measured at a cell temperature of 25°C, it can drop to around 15 V on a very hot day and it can also rise to 18 V on a very cold day.

How MPPT works?

The major principle of MPPT is to extract the maximum available power from PV module by making them operate at the most efficient voltage (maximum power point). That is to say: MPPT checks output of PV module, compares it to battery voltage then fixes what is the best power that PV module can produce to charge the battery and converts it to the best voltage to get maximum current into battery. It can also supply power to a DC load, which is connected directly to the battery.

MPPT is most effective under these conditions:

MPPT solar charge controller

A MPPT solar charge controller is the charge controller embedded with MPPT algorithm to maximize the amount of current going into the battery from PV module.

MPPT is DC to DC converter which operates by taking DC input from PV module, changing it to AC and converting it back to a different DC voltage and current to exactly match the PV module to the battery.

The history for on-off regulators has been early battery failures, increasing load disconnects, and growing user dissatisfaction. MPPT has recently surfaced as the first significant advance in solar battery charging.

Main features of MPPT solar charge controller

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